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As many of you have seen in the last few months, there have been problems with the websites and E-mail addresses.  Recently, a new page went up saying that Scuba Shack/Blue Bubble Divers has changed owners.  Well, I am happy to tell you that this is not true.  Plus, any issues with the websites and any emails you may have received are over.   Julio, Benjamin, Juan, and all of the guys are still here at the same Scuba Shack location, sending out dive trips every day.  The Village Tan Kah is still here and there are lots of guests staying with us.  Things are still going strong.

Over the last year personal issues have come into play which has me now happily running the business on my own. Recently, you may have received an email redirecting all Scuba Shack customers another dive shop. This unauthorized attempt at swaying our customers to go elsewhere didn’t work.  Keeping the business running with continued great service for you, the customers, is what is always most important.

We are all still here in Scuba Shack and nothing has moved.  We are here, ready and waiting to take good care of you, as always!!!!


The latest edition of The Cozumel Drift is out.  You can see it here – The Cozumel Drift – Feb 2013

You can view our any of our previous newsletters as well:
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Scuba Shack is on Facebook

In addition, you can find us on facebook.  There lies our “fan” pages, which is different than a facebook
“friend”.  Fan pages are the way “businesses” use facebook.

You do NOT have to be a member of facebook to view those pages.  Any person can go to that website and see what is going on, which is what a business wants.  To be out there for the general public, just in the facebook format.

It is also a very quick and easy way for me to get little tidbits of information or pictures of what is happening here in Cozumel. So visit us there and see what’s up.  If you are a member of facebook, like our pages and you will automatically receive the updates.

On facebook, we are –

If you try or are a “friend” to a page called “Scuba Shack Cozumel” – that is NOT us.  Our official page is listed as “Scuba Shack IN Cozumel”.  All of us here at Scuba Shack hope that you will come back for a visit.   We are looking forward to seeing you again.

Baby Julian – Look who finally showed up!

Baby Julian Baby Julian and the proud Papa

Baby Julian Baby Julian and the proud Papa

September 23 was a very special date. That is the day that Julio and Anna and all of us welcomed Jose Julian Ramirez Quinn into this world. In other words – baby Julio.

We have been posting pictures of him as Anna posts them on Facebook Here are just a few pictures for you to see.