Arriving from Cancun

Maya Air – is the airline that flies 6 times a day between Cancun and Cozumel. You can get a ticket either through your airline or MayaAir

Van/Taxi Service – There is a van/taxi service for about $250-300 pesos (approximately $20 USD) per person, which takes you nonstop from Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen. You will have to wait until 6 people get together. This can sometimes take longer than the bus. AND, check to see where they are going to stop on the way to Playa. They add people from the entire Riviera Maya, so you may have a couple of stops on the way. Again, you may not.

Private Taxi – The cost is about $900 pesos (approximately $70 USD) to take you from the airport directly to the pier in Playa del Carmen (same place the buses go to).

Private Transportation – You can prearrange private transportation if you like. There are even limos if you want to get really fancy! There are many options listed online.

The Bus – The cheapest way (and many times the easiest) are the big busses, which will take you straight from the airport to Playa del Carmen, about 2 blocks from where the ferry leaves. The price for the bus ride is $115 pesos per person (approximately $10 USD).

Once you pass through customs in the Cancun airport, you will have to give up your little carts for your luggage, and that is where the porters are to help with your bags. If you have more than ione bag per person use the porters (but don’t forget to tip). Save your back for fun things. Once you get to the porter area, go the very end and there should be a desk right there for getting your bus tickets.

Be sure the area is specifially for bus tickets and not the taxis. If there is no one there, then exit the airport area, and find out which terminal you have arrived into. If you are in terminal 1, go all the way to the right to the end of the terminal to find the ADO Bus to Playa del Carmen. This is really where those porters come in handy. At the very end, you will find the buses. If you are in terminal 2, then exit the airport doors and turn to your left. About 20 yards away will be a stop for the terminal shuttles, that pass by every 15 minutes. Hop on it and it will take you to where the buses depart.

They also sell tickets right as you get on the bus. But if you get there with enough time, inside that end of the terminal is also a place to purchase tickets. In my opinion, right now with many people funneling through Cancun, I would try to get a ticket instead of wait.